Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Bahai Faith and an Excerpt by Bahaullah Essay

The Bahai Faith and an Excerpt by Bahaullah - Essay ExampleThe Bahai Faith originated more than 150 eld ago and expanded around the world. Affiliates of the Bahai Faith reside in more than 100,000 sections of the globe and derive from practically every civilization, occupation, nationality, and monetary environment. Bahai Faith strives to find a unification of vision in seeking a purpose in life through true religion. Such a vision unfolds in the literary works of Bahaullah. (The Bahai Faith / The International Web site of the Bahais of the world). One of his writings, The Moral focus in Ornate Prose, will be analyzed in this paper.Bahaullah begins his Moral Guidance piece with correspondent parallels to the eight Beatitudes taught by Jesus Christ. The Beatitudes are simply written but very profound statements that guide, teach and show values of Jesus message, similar to Bahaullahs Moral Guidance excerpt. Be generous in prosperity, worthy of trust of thy neighbor, treasure to th e poor, an answerer to the cry of the needy, Be unjust to no man, show all meekness to all men (Tradition).These teachings from the beginning of Bahaullahs Moral Guidance passage, emphasize that a firm esthesis of unity between all of us is essential to human progression and that all prejudice - racial, religious, national or economic - is destructive and must be overcome.

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