Thursday, June 13, 2019

Marketing Communications Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Marketing Communications Plan - Research Paper ExampleThe work at hand considers this point, and in the later sections, the discussion of the importance of have intercourse and detailed communication plan is included. Furthermore, the smart grocerying and marketing communication objective has also been discussed. Next to this, the latest developments in marketing communications planning are discussed. In addition, the effective methods of measuring and controlling progress against the marketing communication plan are included. Background on customers tasting for sensitive railroad cars It is important to consider the essential factors that are driving customers to small cars. Two of the most important factors are gas prices increase and improved fomite quality (Mintel, 2012). These are the two significant factors particularly in the US small car market because of their link to lifestyle component. As projected, the small car market in the US is expected to pick up 15% in 2014, and it is anticipated to grow 55.8% in unit sales between 2014 and 2017 (Mintel, 2012). superstar of the most important ideas in these data or information is the thought that the entire world market for cars has strongly been influenced by the US market. US market has become the leading venue for the car industry in coming up with the latest innovation or models with particular impact on socio-economic and policy-making factors. The rising price for car fuel is one important consideration of the choice for a new design of car with substantial benefits. Citroen C1 is a small car, ideal for city driving (Citroen). City driving may not require long distances for the car to travel, and so it is important to have at least a small one for driving that will not be able to consume more fuel for energy. Improved vehicle quality is some other consideration of the consumers. Small cars like Citroen C1 have highly improved quality, making them prominent in the small car market. It is not ju st about their beingness ideal for city driving, scarce these cars are also made to stand out when it comes to their featured quality. Certainly, there are various reasons of the remarkable choices of the target customers for cars, but the bottom line of them all is the idea of acquiring the benefits that they guarantee or offer. Customers are therefore sophisticated when it comes to knowing what cars they need. They know what they want, and they have established postulate that car manufacturers will have to address. Customers needs are essential consideration most importantly in marketing activities (Haig, 2011 Kotler et al., 1999 Boone & Kurtz, 2006). The bottom line of creating market strategies like product differentiation and innovation is to address the prevailing customers needs (Porter, 1998 Schnaars, 1998). However, unknowingly the emancipation of highly differentiated product offerings results to the creation of needs itself. The justification of this postulate is quit e evident in the cases of product offerings in the market today that are highly differentiated and created significant needs as shown in the take aim of demand that they have generated and so enjoyed for now. The car manufacturing industry is a special case under this issue because this industry tries to connect their decisions to some important concerns pickings place in the market or external environment. For instance, the car industry in the UK began to produce hybrid cars in relation to the prevailing issue united to the environment. In order to at least alleviate

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