Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Health of Family Business' Consultant's Report Essay

Health of Family Business Consultants Report - Essay ExampleIt took a time to establish a smear name in the competitive market. Still this a room for improvement in the operational and strategic issues and activities.Organizational structure is not clearly define among the employees. There are no clear-cut hierarchy levels. When there are no coachial levels then defiantly there is a lack of routine clarity among the employees. The customer base is segmented into different segments and then comp all may design different product lines in order to attract any particular segment. The Apparel line of descent do not arrive at a marketing department rather there is only a marketing manager who himself focus on all the marketing demands and then make strategic plans to fulfill that particular demand. Form marketing point of view the Apparel store is doing well as compare to the competitive businesses. Nevertheless, the Store may face certain challenges regarding their financial matters .Overall Zara apparel store is working in a good condition. There is a five-year plan to extend the branch of the Apparel Store in the next cities also. Zara Apparel store should focus on the scattering strategy because the customers are facing certain delivery problems.Zara Apparel Store is a local famous clothing family owned business, working successfully for the preceding(a) decade in the local operational area. The famous person of the locality started this clothing business in 2001. The store was a small one at the time of inauguration but now the operations are so widen that it covers a major portion of the local market. In the next 5-7 years, the owners have a plan to expand the operational serving area into the near geographical boundaries. The owners of the family owned business Zara Apparel Store have also a planning to make an extension in the product lines of the business. Currently the business is serving a major portion of the customer market by go desired

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