Sunday, May 5, 2019

Internal Memorandum of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Internal Memorandum of Law - Essay ExampleOwen and wench Jones, owners of the campground does not have any security, lifeguards, or the proper posting of safety precautions available disdain its years of operation because it is a mom and pop ownership and the funds were unavailable.The morning after their arrival, they every went to breakfast to a restaurant while appreciationing to go swimming at the pool which undefended at 1000 a.m. The girls left early to get ready to go to the pool while Tameras parent stayed at the restaurant drinking alcoholic beverages. Tameras parents told them to get ready for the pool and wait for their arrival. After twenty to thirty minutes had passed, the parents still have not showed. The girls decided to go forrard and go swimming without supervision. The girls entered the pool at 930 a.m. They ignored the sign posted at the pool which states that the pool will only open at 1000 a.m.Due to Shaylas dyslexia, she was inefficient to comprehend the sign. After Tamera had entered the pool first nearly injuring herself, she yelled something out but Shayla did not hear. Shayla squab in the pool. She hit the bottom and broke her arm. After Tamera had pulled Shayla to the side of the pool and save her from drowning, the Owens arrived and then called an ambulance company for their services. Shortly after the ambulance arrived, Tameras parents arrived back at the campground and then Shayla was taken to a infirmary were she was treated. Mary has incurred medical bills from Shaylas accident. The current estimates of medical bills that have been incurred are $8,000.00 and will be incur more bills for future medical treatment and physical therapy sessions.The Attractive Nuisance Doctrine which was applied in numerous cases involving swimming pool liabilities states that the owner of the land or property may be held reasonable for the injuries sustained by a child-plaintiff while in the said property, if the property imposed a agree o r situation which attracted the child and caused

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