Friday, May 24, 2019

Historical Perspective of Management Essay

Max Weber was a German sociologist that pioneered the term bureaucratism. Weber founded six major principles of bureaucracy Formal hierarchical structure, Management by rules, Organization by functional specialty, An up-focused or in-focused mission, Purposely impersonal and Employment based on technical qualifications. (Busting Bureaucracy. com)A formal hierarchical structure is the management pyramid that is designed to control the level below with organized planning and decision making. For example (chain of command). Then he developed management by rules such as policies and handbooks that are used by lower levels. Next is organization by functionality specialty this means that apiece individual will be placed in a position according to their specialty. These three steps of bureaucracy are still used forthwith in every business known.Max Weber designed this pyramid because in the 1930s the industrialism of our country was expanding and it was no order of command business was ra n without consistency. And a change was motivationed to make things run smoothly. My advice to managing people today is to organize your business according to functional specialization. Your employees and managers according to their skills and expertise so that each personal line of credit will be done to the best of that person or persons knowledge and capabilities.Use clear lines of hierarchical authority in doing so you will need to put together a clear set of policy and rules that underline the chain of demand in detail. Your managers will need to be trained accordingly with consist seminars and meeting so that they can be well trained and fully informed about their duties and the duties of their staff. Decision making should be based on the rules and guidelines developed to guarantee consistent and effective reflection of organization goals.

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