Friday, May 3, 2019

Forensic Psychologist Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

rhetorical Psychologist - Research Paper Examplee a career and education path, I knew that my set of academic skills and personal interests placed me on a clear course to produce a rhetorical psychologist. This essay examines why I would alike to become a forensic psychologist and the necessary steps that must be taken to pursue this career path, with accompaniment consideration for forensic psychologists in the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).There are many reasons I would like to become a forensic psychologist. As articulated above, my particular interest in solving crimes greatly inspired my research into the field. Still, there are many other reasons this profession appeals to me. Perhaps the most pervasive reason is that neat a forensic psychologist allows me to contribute to society in a positive and pro-active way. I believe that one of the important aspects of life is living a meaningful existence. While meaning has diametric connotations for different multitu de, to me it means that I follow a morally sound path that helps others. In becoming a forensic psychologist I would be able to satisfy these elements and help bring justice to people who have been wronged. In addition to this aspect, the career of forensic psychology has considerable intellectual interest for me. Forensic psychologists, work for both the Public Defender and the State Attorney and are oftentimes called upon to investigate overcritical psychological issues within the court proceedings (Adler, p. 4). Such investigations oftentimes involve interviewing and developing psychological assessments for a variety of criminals. In these regards, I am very interested in the motivations of individuals that choose to commit crimes. I believe that it would be intellectually satisfying to be able to delve into the minds of these criminals and gain a expectation to investigate such abnormal psychological functions.The forensic psychologist profession involves a number of functions . As noted, the forensic psychologist works for Public Defenders,

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