Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Essay --

1.What did you find most interesting in the introduction? Why? (pp. 1-4) Reading the introduction was a great experience. These discoveries can answer many of our current habitat and survival. From one point the reader can learn just about human society 27,000 historic period ago, when humans started to migrate from East Africa to former(a) parts of the world. Humans in the time were hunters and gathers relying on food. This method needed a simple and fast coordination amongst each(prenominal) group of humans that hunted and gathered. So families relied on a small portion of children to travel from one spot to another, without slowing down the group. Children were really all important(predicate) but a large number could not hold water families because of migration and survival. However, with the invention of agriculture children were off more importance to civilization. Children provided significant support to families that increasingly relied on growing their own food. As a re ader I found this to be really interesting. Without agriculture our current society would not be as big as it is now, and without children we as a species might have been extinct because of the lack of resources. It is interesting that agriculture can also improve population and support the very foundation of civilization. Without agriculture our society would not be here, and with that I would not be communicating or even typing this paper. 2.What is distinctive about the human race and differentiates them from those who preceded them? (pp. 5-6)Human beings can manipulate object fairly readily because of the grip provided by an opposable thumb on each hand. Compared to other primates, human beings have a relatively high and regular sexual drive, which aids reproduction being omnivores, they ... ..., patriarchal system, and atal Hyk. paleolithica)Paleolithic is referring to the Old Stone Age, when people made weapons and rough tools out of stone. (Stearns 6) Mes olithicb)Mesolithic is the Middle Stone Age the period between Paleolithic and the neolithic time period. (Stearns 8) Neolithic revolutionc)Neolithic revolution was the beginning of the agricultural revolution or the development of agriculture. (Stearns 11) Patriarchal systemd)Patriarchal system was a term that agricultural societies used to emphasize the superiority of men over women.(Stearns 13) Catal Huyuke)Catal Huyuk was a Neolithic town or first true cities that was located in southern Turkey and had a land mass of 32 acres. Characterized with fully developed agriculture, trade, temples, and mud-brick houses with windows, and mother figure goddess. (Stearns 15)

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