Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rigths and Obligations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rigths and Obligations - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, defective harvest-festivalions could cause direct or indirect harm to consumers. In such a case, product manufacture may fall chthonian the lawful requirement of explaining the reason for a sub-standard product in their market segments. In this regard, product defects should be taken seriously by a manufacturer in order to avoid possible legal sanctions by relevant authorities and concerned consumer protection agencies. As an employee of the party, it would be professional to notify lavishly level managers about the product defect. match to OReilly (2007), this can only be done through a systematic and procedural manner in order to avoid raising unnecessary tensions deep down the board of directors and the chief executive officers team. In this context, lack of significant knowledge on the companys ethical standards requires approach of the product defect issue from a technical perspective. As an employee of the com pany, I will categorically and explicitly present my concerns about a defective product deep down the consumer market. Managers will have to acknowledge the fact that the defective product signifies technical hitches within production and diffusion lines. Thorough evaluation of production designs, packaging practices and even product transportation could feature as the important cause of the problem under consideration. In this case, I would take the opportunity given in the merging to postulate about existence of technical shortfalls within the companys production lines, which needs warm attention to avoid unprecedented challenges. OReilly (2007) says that presence of practical evidence in form of genuine product with defects would facilitate conveyance of the message to the managers and their new chief executive. Standard operation procedures within a sound business environment emphasize that organizations should strictly follow specific safety guidelines in product manufact uring. In an event that production department makes defective products, the manufacturing company becomes solely creditworthy for any take chances and harm involved when such products grasp innocent consumers in the market. Sernaker (2010) states that in this case a company should immediately notify customers about the product defect to prevent any potential risk and spot to customers. The company can only notify customers once an objective testing and product analysis substantiates that the product is unsafe for use. With respect to my company, the process of notifying consumers begins with locating exact defective products within the market. Managers can achieve placement of products through records on distribution channels and major retail outlets. Upon identifying exact locations of products, management should device mechanisms meant to reach individual customers via information contained in their sales records. Once customers are aware of the defects, the company may selec t to temporarily stop production of the product in order to avoid further sales to consumers. According to OReilly (2007), continued production and distribution will hold the company even more responsible for neglect of safety programs towards the public consumer market. Product recall succeeds notification of customers. OReilly (2007) agrees that recalled products can be destroyed or repaired, and

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