Thursday, April 18, 2019

Personal Ethics Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Ethics Development - analyse ExampleJust like education, values are developed continuously.Personal values are much or less the same as DNA, which are unique to everybody. They are those that define and identify a person. Personally, I deal that people are responsible for their own actions. They are the ones to carry their own crosses in case of anything. I strongly see in the togetherness of families i.e. family unity. I believe in sympathy, I believe in freedom of choice. I believe in integrity. I believe we can be what we compulsion I believe the father is the hero of every home. I believe in God. I believe in myself. All these ethical systems define who I am and identify me differently from other.Having being natural and raised from the Southern background, the idea of family, honest, work ethics and education were instilled to me in my tender age. During that time, we could organize for family obtainings and parties where we could meet and share the fun together. These celebrations brought different members of our extended family irrespective of their backgrounds, gender and social status. As I grew up, I learned to live with all family members irrespective of any situation. This has enhanced family unity and togetherness. To my opinion, family unity is watching a member of the family grow morally upright and guiding others with the right values. To me, effective family unity comes from honest and surface communication lines. Family has been my favorite source of my values.When I was a child, I remember our family standing with us for focussing in all situations to ensure all was good to us. For sure, I may not have wish everything that was said but I learnt to appreciate them. When I was a teenager, I had developed a worthy belief that family is the best institution to nurture a child for healthy and wealthy living. I remember my parents emphasizing the virtue of honesty, and I ended up knowing that honesty is the best policy. For one to posit and appreciate the

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