Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mobile Phones for University Students Essay Example for Free

restless Phones for University Students EssayNowadays modern technology is developing so rapidly that people kitty just now catch up with its pace. There is no doubt that nomadic phones, as a new diligence of modern technology, have got into peoples life. As sensitive reflectors of information and fashion, more than and more mobile phone physical exertionrs have appeared in the campus everywhere. While virtually students are enjoying whatever mobile phones have brought to us, there are opposites who stand against it. This essay will explain the possible effects of mobile phone use on university students, focusing on the benefits and drawbacks. The main benefits of mobile phones in university are as follows. Firstly, there is no denying the fact that mobile phones have made campus life more convenient. A recent survey piece that mobile phones are becoming part of university life and 99. 7% of students use their own mobile phones to expire with others (Ransford, 2009). As it provide be seen, mobile phones provide students with a fast and convenient way of communication, such(prenominal) as getting in touch with school daymates and hunting for jobs, which was previously unimaginable.Secondly, instead of going to the PC testing ground and finding computers to look for news on current events, students can use mobile-network to search the Internet. It is by this heart that university students can broaden their horizon and enrich their minds. Lastly, with the help of mobile phones, students can do work more efficiently. Many students in university treat mobile phones as electronic dictionary and chart with teachers for academic purpose. They allocate useful information related to their lessons and solve academic problems sometimes. In this way, mobile phones not only can save our time and energy but alike help with our study.However, the negative effects are also obvious. Above all, more and more university students are indulged in coffee berry QQ and online games, which make them weak in study. Moreover, some even use mobile phones to cheat in the examinations. It has been reported that almost 80% university students use chocolate QQ constantly and more than half of them are in favor of it. Only less than 1/3 of them comment that it is bad to our health and study if students spend too much time on Java QQ and online games. Some students even spend a whole day playing with their mobile phones and send thousands of neat messages every day.If they do not use Java QQ a day, they will feel anxious (Yang, 2009). In other words, some university students have regarded playing with mobile phones as a kind of habit and fashion. In the second place, some students often make comparison of others mobile phones. They always want to own an enthralling and high-grade one. Consequently, it costs them too much money and energy to buy a new tendency in order to gratify their vanity. Finally, mobile phones in university also bring some h ealth risks, twain physical and mental, if not properly used.It has been highlighted the fact that some pornographic video and photos of two U.S. high school girls was spread so rapidly that even police were hard to stop them. In addition, District lawyer James B. Martin said that at least 40 Parkland High School students believed to have authoritative the pornographic images (Rubinkam, 2008). It is really harmful to university students future development, especially those are immature. In conclusion, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and mobile phone is no exception. On the one hand, using mobile phones in university can help students communicate with each other more convenient, have rich knowledge and study more efficiently.On the other hand, mobile phones can also have bad influence on learning encourage students vanities as well as mental injury. In my point of view, therefore, there are three solutions which can solve this problem. Firstly the university indor sement should intensify publicity and education. Secondly coercive measures can be put into effect, such as shield the mobile phones in classrooms and libraries. Lastly university students should promote themselves and fight temptation. A brighter future is awaiting us if we make impregnable use of mobile phones.

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