Sunday, April 28, 2019

Leonardo da Vinci's painting, Annunciation Term Paper

Leonardo da Vincis painting, Annunciation - Term topic ExampleLeonardo is believed to have been merely twenty years when he did this painting that today stands as one major artwork done in the olden days. The major influence he authoritative from artists such as Sandro Botticelli made him become a better painter by relating and modifying his artwork with ideas borrowed from the renascence period. How the painting on the annunciation was done is somehow composed of a number of styles that are borrowed from the azoic renaissance period meaning that Leonardo was still learning from previous works done by past artists. The Annunciation simply means announcement and in this painting done by Da Vinci angel Gabriel is simply announcing to bloody shame the good news that she will be the mother Jesus. The story of bloody shame being visited by angel Gabriel is evident in the annunciation painting. Gabriel kneels in the garden of Mary the arrant(a) to inform him that she would bear a son and the son will be named son of man. Gabriel holds a lily to show how pure Mary was. The background depicts a beautiful environment. The kneeling angel is seen youthful, stylish wings, robust clothing, and having a lily at his right hand. The virgin on the other hand shows astonishment probably due to the news she has received from angel Gabriel. Her pose gives her a monumental character and defines the kind of person Mary is, some say he is cold as per what they see in the image. Da Vinci painted the or so imaginary wings of an angel that somehow seemed alive in his painting, the annunciation painting.

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