Saturday, April 27, 2019

Evaluate the Incident Investigation,Medical Surveillance and the Case Study

Evaluate the Incident Investigation,Medical Surveillance and the gentility at a Restaurant - Case Study ExampleThis article involves evaluation of incident investigating, medical examination surveillance programs and the training at Winn- Dixie restaurant.An effective incident investigation will look at all the components of an incident which are its design, environmental and behavioral components and not only a single cause. An investigation should be done thoroughly because when it gets conducted poorly or it is done ineffectively, legal liability may result. Investigations should be limited to the workers who were present at the time of the incident and the investigators should obtain as much information as they can for them to be able to conduct a fair investigation (Barth, Hayes, and Ninemeier, 2001).Winn- Dixie restaurant had a case of food poisoning scare. The restaurant had to be shut down after patrons who had eaten there account that they were feeling unwell. Restaurant s have to observe food hygiene therefore the restaurant had to be closed for an investigation to be carried out. Tests that were been done by food safety consultants and environmental health officers proved to be inconclusive. caution however did not understand how contamination of food had happened as they underwrited that they employed hygiene consultants. Food samples got canvass routinely and the results that came back were always negative.More results of the tests showed that the incident might have been due to a non- special(prenominal) virus. This still puzzled management as they ensured that staff members got tested when they came back from their holidays in far places to ensure that they do not have any illness with them which may affect the food and customers as well. afterward the cause of contamination was confirmed, more help from other food safety consultants was needed. It was apparent that safety measures were universe followed by management and that the employ ees were attending training sessions so

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