Thursday, March 14, 2019

Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird Essay -- essays research papers

In the world people are everlastingly preconceived based on who they are or what they look like. level though it isnt as big of a problem in some areas as in others, we need to fight it. If we dont then it will continue to get more serious and at times lead to death. In Harper Lees To toss off a Mockingbird, Alexandra tells her niece that she cant play with a schoolmate patently because of his class. You can scrub Walter Cunningham till he shines, you can put him in shoes and a new suit, but hell never be like JemBecauseheistrash. (224). This prejudiced state of mind is the foundation for the maculation events of the novel. By way of experiences, a young girl, Scout Finch, must gyp about the part prejudice plays in the everyday life of Maycomb County. by means of settlement patterns, butice, and social stratification Harper Lee reveals the ways of prejudice.The depression instance of prejudice, settlement patterns, greatly affects how people of Maycomb are prejudged, not jus t where they blendd, but also where they dwelled. The Ewells are considered the lowest class of Maycomb, aside from the dimmeds, which is shown by the fact that they bouncing at the edge of the town, right next to the black people. He would show me how where and how they lived. They were people, but they lived like animals (30). The author describes where people live as a sort of divider among them, the Ewells not only live near the blacks, but also right next to the garbage dump. not only was the location of on...

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