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Oscar Wildes An Ideal Husband Essay -- Oscar Wilde Papers

Oscar Wildes An deification Husband Oscar Wilde (1845-1903) lived an outrageous and controversial intent which was well publicized and condemned, as his life defied the strict social mores of the time. He was put into this public position due to the success of his plays which ch aloneenged Victorian devotion while being hilariously funny. His plays, in particular An Ideal Husband, 1895 give Victorian society as viciously hypocritical at its overcome and laughably pretentious at its best. Wilde expressed this point of view in An Ideal Husband through the rich use of plot development, turn of characters, dramatic irony, hyperbole, witty and epigrammatic repartee and satire. The central plot of An Ideal Husband begins with the antagonist, Mrs Chevely, tries to blackmail Sir Robert Chiltern (one of the protagonists) with a secret from his past. She has with her an incriminating letter which proves Roberts conflict in insider trading in the Suez Canal Scheme, in order to realise from an investment. The Suez Canal Scheme was a truly important scheme in the recent history of the time. Wildes plot of a a man pass unpunished for such a serious crime challenged the graveness of the Victorian heap. This challenge and insult to earnestness is strongly emphasised by the depiction of robert chiltern. Wilde adds insult to injury by constructing robert as being a very lucky man in life. He is an attractive man who lives in Grosvenor sqaure, (an upper class area) with his adoring wife. After finding out the extraction of this wealth, the audience is annoyed as they know (due to the plays realistic style) that he aquired it all t... ... and so far have only talked more or less trivial things and people dont talk politics. (hypocritical) An ideal person is an earnest person, and ideals are another physical composition of the play. Mrs. Marchmont and Lady Basildon are two married ladies who, while talking ab out their hopelessly faultless husbands expose earnestness (an admirable quality) as unendurable and tragical.These ladies, through dramatic irony, expose the earnestness of meddling for an ideal husband as laughably pretentious and hypocritical. This is because many women at the time were searching for an earnest husband to spend their lives with when there is, as Mrs. Marchmont puts it not the smallest chemical element of excitement in knowing him. Yet they keep searching for an earnest and ideal husband. It is in these ways Wilde challenges Victorian earnestness.

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