Thursday, March 14, 2019

Factors Affecting the Rate of Reaction Between Sodium Thiosulfate and E

Factors Affecting the Rate of Reaction Between sodium Thiosulfate andHydrochloric acid.PlanI will be conducting an experiment to find erupt if concentratingThiosulfate and Hydrochloric dit will effect the rate of reaction.I predict that the high the concentration of the Thiosulfate, thequicker it will react with the Hydrochloric Acid.I will seek20 Acid20 Thio0 Water20 Acid15 Thio5 Water20 Acid10 Thio10 Water15 Acid20 Thio5 Water10 Acid20 Thio10 WaterThe total volume of altogether the liquids will be kept the same. As will thetemperature, conical glass, measuring rod cylinder and the cross on thepiece of paper. I will go steady that all these are kept the same bydoing all the experiments on the same day, not changing my equipmentand the to...

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