Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Contrasting Yeats’ Second Coming and Shelleys Ozymandias Essay

Contrasting Yeats Second Coming and Shelleys Ozymandias William Butler Yeats specialize in the early Modernists style of literature. Coming just out of the latish Victorian age, Yeats used strong literary and historic elements in literary form to evoke his symbolic message in The Second Coming. done the use of his theme of the new Apocalypse, (lecture notes on Early 20th blow Modernism) he imagined the world was coming into a state of unsurity from the post-WWI Modernist experience. The war leave plenty in a state of chaos, and although the war was meant to bring people a sense of hope for no more wars in the future, it did remote more damage then good, especially in peoples minds. The time in the Modernist era was reflected in the equally chaotic, and choppy word structure in Yeats poem. In The Second Coming conditions be illustrated as being chaotic, Things boil down apart the centre cannot hold/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world (Yeats, Longman p. 2329 ll. 3-4), be wildered in a way. Those words he uses, fall apart, cannot hold, and anarchy are ...

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