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Comparing and Contrasting the Portrayal and Warfare in Poetry :: War Poems Jesse Pope Wilfred Owen Essays

Comparing and Contrasting the Portrayal and state of warfare in PoetryWar poetryA Comparattive Essay get two poets that we book studied so far. Compare and business the act of warfare in four of the poems studied.This essay will compare and contrast the portrayal and warfare in fourof the poems studied.The first world war was portrayed as a glorious and credible cause,fighting war for your country was deemed as the duty of any credibleman. Being satisfactory to represent your country on the battlefield was thegreatest honour a man could have. Men were engulfed with the idea ofbeing able to fight for their countries futures. Wo manpower would have todo everything they could to stop their husbands and sons from riskingtheir lives by signing up for the war. At this conviction poetry was writtento encourage men to go and fight, poets like jessie pope who wrote warpoetry enforced this view.JESSIE POPE WILFRED OWENWHOS FOR THE DULCE ET DECORUM EST. granular? THE CALL DISABLEDThese po ems were written about (and at the same measure as), World War I,between 1914 to 1918. In these barbaric four years-killing whirl 7 million men and leaving 17 million men injured, (physically-the wartactics resorted to the tortures of gas attacks, gun-shot wound, shellshock, starvation and exposure, to name a few...), the rest werescarred by memories never fading. World war unity devastated lives andsouls, time and space. But citizens back home had no way of cognizewhat war was capable of, without television or radio to communicate tothem, they were only left to imagine the true hatreds men wereenduring. If people had reailsed the true result and the horrors ofwhat was actually happening, morale would have been severelydetrimentally affected. These poems were created by the thoughts andfeelings verbalized by soldiers at battle.Propaganda was partially to blame for the young lives that were stolenby the war, because it advance men to actively volunteer for thedream of taking the empire to mastery and in return recieve the prideof serving their country. Propaganda was engineered to give citizens a treacherously impression/ illusion of positivity about the events that weretruely making history horrifically, and systematically sent a message offortitude and unity to the enemy. Men were goaded by promised finicialgain, status and the chance to travel, but under such senseless pain,suffering and horror that awaited them, ready to engulf them all inbattle, in such conditions as 48 hours bomboardment, being surroundedby dead bodies, acheing (mentally, physically and emotionally), foulinfestation, and living in fear and horror was not worth the cost of a

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