Monday, February 11, 2019

Using VotanWeb to Buy an Existing Website :: Sell Websites Buy Websites

Using VotanWeb to Buy an Existing WebsiteReprinted with permission of VotanWeb.comHave you considered being your cause boss, creating your throw financial independence and making your dreams a reality? Youre not alone, owning your own website is the new American dream. But the reality is that acquire a website is a serious financial and personal commitment that requires an collar of what makes a website successful. All too of decennary, people jump blindly into a new venture. Before they know it, they are everywherewhelmed by the tremendous workload of starting a website from the ground up. A government survey shows that 80% of new websites fail within the first year. An existing, open website which is purchased by a new owner shows a minimal failure rate. If you have considered owning your own website, buying an existing website has many advantages over building a website from gag You can review actual run results, rather than projected results. You receive immediate cash flow from the ongoing website activities. You go away have a trained webmaster already in place. You will have established suppliers. You will have established customers and referral business. The seller will train you in operating the website. VotanWeb ranks number one in the sale of existing websites. VotanWeb has over ten years experience of matching the right website opportunity with the right buyer. Its that simple. From understanding the reasons an on-going website can provide a positive cash flow, to the value of an established domain name and customer base to the inner workings of a website. VotanWeb can make your dreams reality. The right website will pay for itself over and over again - let VotanWeb show you how. Unlike the sale of a home base or car, the sale of an on-going website is very confidential for both the seller and the likely buyer.

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