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The Odyssey :: essays research papers

During the night Odysseus tosses and turns, worrying aboutthe outcome of his encounter with the suitor. genus Athene appearsto himin a dream and promises that he will aid in the struggle.genus Penelope also unable to sleep and prays to Artemis, beggingthat she be rescued from man and wife to another man, even if itmeans her death. In the morning Odysseus appeals to Zeusfor a compact of his favor and is answered by the rumbling ofthunder and lightning. Others notice the sign and a generalmood of imminant danger sets in. Odysseus observes thebehavior of his servants to identify the faithful. Melanthiusarrives with the goats for the spread head and persists inharasses Odysseus. Eumaeus comes to the place, driving thehogs for the s muzzleter, demonstrating his goodness. Anotherloyal servant, Philoetius, the chief cowherd, arrives from themainland. The suitors, again plotting to slayTelemachus, eventually return to the place. As they lunch,Ctesippus insults Odysseus and throws a bone at him.Telemachus is shadowed and gives a scolding to the suitors inwhich he lists all the bad obturate they have done.. Hisunexpected boldness shocks the group, but they are drunkand laugh at his warnings. , Theclymenus cautions them thata catastrophe is impending in which they will flummox for theirevil ways, but they mock the him until he leaves the palace ina rage. The suitors continue to drink, and dont heed thewarning. New Charters Philoitios - the cattle foremanVocabulary taunt v. - to speak to or address in a witty and irritative manner. lustrous adj. - radiant in character orreputation. dregs n. - the about undesirable part stint n. - adefinite quantity of die assigned coverlets n. - bedspreadsaunter v. - to walk about in an escaped or leisurely mannerhulking adj. - massive sardonic adj. - contemptuously orskeptically humorous derisively mocking jeered v. - tospeak or cry out with derision or mockery braying v. - tocrush or grind fine Epic Conventions Epic Similie s p. 411 -line 14 as a bitch mounting over her weak, defenselesspuppies growls, facing a stranger, bristling for a showdown-so he growled from his depths, hackles rising at theiroutrage. p.411 - 28 as a cook before some white-hotblazing fire who rolls his sizzling saussage back and fourth,packed with fatand blood- keen to broil it quickly, tossing, go it, this was, that way- so he cast about SupernaturalInvolvment In this playscript the gods are constantly involved.Once, when Athena visits Odyssues in a dream to name himthat she favors him. A second time, when they pray to Zeus

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