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The Basis of Utopia Essay -- Utopia Utopias Essays

The Basis of UtopiaAn impractical scheme for social improvement. This is the one-third definition of the word utopia in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary. Anatole France says it best with this quote regarding utopian societies, Without the Utopias of other(a) times, men would still live in caves, miserable and naked. It was Utopians that traced the lines of the first city Out of generous dreams come beneficial realities. Utopia is the principle of all progress, and the strive into a better future. The gentleman has been constantly changing over time, cutting ideas pave paths that lead to better living. Most of the ideas are demoed by means of science fiction stories written by authors looking to change the world in some sort or another. Authors begin with an idea, and then carry towards placement of thought and scheme into somewhat of a reasonable reality. Authors such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Octavia Butler use the stories they write as ways to express their problems that they have with the evince world. Advances in the present day world discount only be reached through dreams and desires. These dreams and desires come to life as authors present their ideas on paper.Take for example, the story Herland. It was written by a womens activist writer named Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1915. The story is written about a secret society of women that have been kept separate from the rest of the world. The women produce by natural childbirth, therefore no father is needed to frame life. This is known as Parthogenesis, or spontaneous conception, much like the way Mary was impregnated in the bible. To most people during the time the story was written, this was not viewed as anything near a perfect world. However, to a woman entangled in the ea... ...the faults of humans in thinking we are the superior race, when in doing so, we neglect the beings that are beneath us.While the idea of the word utopia is universal, the literal stories that derive from t hat idea can be very different in nature. The outcome, or even the basis of the story, relies completely upon the authors, or readers view of a prefect society. This is how progress is made, through ideas and thoughts of revolutionary writers in stories we have come to nominate utopian.BibliographyButler, Octavia . Bloodchild. The Prentice Hall Anthology Sscience Fiction and Fantasy. Ed. Garyn Roberts. Upper Saddle River, New island of Jersey Prentice Hall, 2001. 1035-1048. Personal Site. Henry W. Targowski and Charly Jungbauer. <http// Gilman, Charlotte. Herland. Mineola, New York Dover Publications, 1998.

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