Friday, February 8, 2019

Influences of Gender and the Southwest :: Essays Papers

Influences of Gender and the sou-west Gender influences women mechanics in umpteen ways. Some artists utilize their art to invade sexism. Others portray gender through their art in different ways than male artist might. Additionally, the careers of women artists may be influenced by their gender (or fleshly sex). The influence of the southwest is also very visible in the prowess of many artists who live or have lived here. Some are influenced by the diverse cultures who make this region their home. Others are influenced by the landscape. (I realize that this idea is not representative of all of the cultures which have helped to shape the southwest. This was not intentional. It is principally because, regretably, I had a hard time finding resources on women artists in the Southwest who were from cultures other than Euro-American, Native American and Mexican-American.) Through this paper, I forecast to be able to show examples of a few of the many ways i n which gender and the southwest influence the lives and careers of southwestern women artists, and in turn, how many of these artists utilize their art to change peoples perceptions of gender, the southwest and southwestern cultures. One artist whose art is strongly influenced by living in the southwest is Roz Driscoll. Driscoll lived in Arizona for seven years during the 1970s. According to Driscoll, the pieces in her exhibit, A wiz of Touch, . . . grew out of traditions such as Native American pueblos, Indian temples and wells, Egyptian tombs. They reflect themes as, plateaus, and canyons of the Southwest . . . (1999) Another artist whose work was strongly influenced by the Southwest is Georgia OKeeffe, whose art was strongly influenced by the landscape of radical Mexico. In fact, . . . that regions dramatic mesas, ancient Spanish architecture, vegetation, and desiccated terrain became her constant themes. ( Gale, 1998 ) socialization differences in the Southwest have also been portrayed through the artwork of many Southwestern women artists. The artwork of Carmen Lomas Garza, who has spent much of her life in Texas, is strongly influenced by her Chicana heritage.

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