Monday, February 4, 2019

Horace Mann Essay -- essays research papers

&9Horace Mann was the father of the American check System. Horace Manns had umteen reforms on training. He was born in 1796. Mann immovable what the purpose of teaching method should be based on his own regard and observation. Mann also had many ideas how education could be improved. Many of these ideas have been followed by schools today as well. Mann also had ideas on topics which one considers today to be controversial. The public should take into account what Manns ideas were on these issues. &9Horace Manns reforms and ideas have had influence during his time, and now in our time on many issues. Some of issues the issues are the purpose of education and the improvement of education. The purpose of education is a large subject and Horace Mann covered it completely throughout his life. plane today the purpose of our schools is almost the same as what Horace Mann prescribed it should be long ago. &9Mann wanted the common schools to be available to everyone. He wanted it to b e available to people that were rich, poor, and of different backgrounds. Public schools exertion to be this today they are free to everyone and nondiscriminatory. Mann believed in public tolerate and control of schools. &9Mann thought that education was a right that was passed on from generation to generation. Denying children this right was horrible to Mann. Today in the United States, education of the public is seen as a right and is partaken in by interminable young people eve...

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