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False Memory Syndrome Essay -- Psychology Disorders Essays

saturnine Memory SyndromeHow accurate and reliable is memory? Studies on memory exact sh experience that we often construct our memories after the fact, that we are susceptible to suggestions from others that will befriend us fill in the gaps in our memories (Carroll 6). Prior to reading and discussing the place of False Memory Syndrome, I hadnt thought much intimately the topic. Maybe a individual who had experienced this would be more educated. I did however find it very interesting to research and my beliefs or feelings astir(predicate) it now exist and will be shared at a later time. The purpose of this paper is to describe what False Memory Syndrome is and sum up some of the facts that have been gathered through previous research and my own research. The definition of False Memory Syndrome, according to the Random House be Unabridged Dictionary, is a psychological condition in which a person believes that he or she remembers events that have not actually occurred ( Freyd 3). Dr. John F. Kihlstrom, a professor of psychology at Yale University also suggests that FMS is a condition in which a persons identity and interpersonal relationships are refer around memory of traumatic experience which is objectively false, but in which the person strongly believes. This false memory has been so deeply inhering that is often interferes with the individuals personality and lifestyle. The disorder will sometimes be unhealthful because the individual will avoid any type of confrontation that dexterity challenge the memory. This often distracts the person from coping with everyday life challenges (Freyd 2). When a couple was accused by their own daughter for abuse that had neer happened, the couple, Pamela and Peter Freyd, formed the False ... ...Works Cited Pendergrast, Mark. Victims of Memory Sex pace Accusations and Shattered Lives. Hinesburg Upper Access, Inc. Ofshe, Richard and Ethan Watters. Making Monsters False Memories, Psych otherapy, and Sexual Hysteria. New York Charles Scribners Sons, 1994. Carroll, Robert Todd. Memory. The Skeptics Dictionary. 1998. http// (01 Dec 2000). Hochman, John, M.D. Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memory Syndrome. Altedena Skeptics Society, 1994. http// fms.html (20 Nov 2000). Freyd, Pamela, Ph.D. frequently Asked Questions. Philadelphia False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Sept. 1995. http// (20 Nov 2000). Freberg, Laura. Stand. Boulder Coursewise Publishing Inc., 1999.

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