Saturday, February 9, 2019

Essay --

1. What controls the Nanowire diam ?Seed division sizing / volume can be considered as a major cipher controlling the Nanowire growth in conjunction with super saturation which is considered as a major factor controlling the Nanowire growth. Seed particle in most of the cases is a catalyst, e.g. Au. Sung Keun Lim et al 3 related mathematically the Nanowire diam with the volume of beginning particle and parameter beta () which is the Particle-Nanowire contact angle. These authors 3 do use of two different precursors (group III and group V) one disintegrable in the seed and other insoluble in the seed particle which in this case is Au. They proposed a mechanics that controls the Nanowire diameter and this mechanism is found on the diffusion (or more precisely dissolution) of the soluble precursor in to the seed particle and further reaction with the insoluble precursorIf we endure at the steady state in such case Nanowire diameter remains constant because the rate of injectio n of soluble precursor into the seed and rate of further reaction with insoluble precursor are on the button t...

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