Thursday, February 14, 2019

Developments in Iraq After United States Involvement Essay -- essays r

Ask anyone about the current issues in Iraq and you leave behind chance upon a multitude of answers, questions, remarks, backlash, and support for our countries involvement. Sure some things could shit been make better, some things could have been avoided completely, but when you talk to someone who has personally witnessed 184 women put themselves on fire in protest to the way men argon treating them you cant servicing but admire the change today. With the help of US and various foreign countries, Iraq is rebuilding itself from the ground up, repairing itself from previous dictatorship. on that point ar three major concerns in Iraq, political independence (including freedom of religion), womens rights, and better education. These issues are far from being resolved, but they have also moved far from where they were before.According to President Bush, the US is looking at to help build a government that answers to its people and honors their countrys unique heritage. In doi ng so US troops are support train military forces and elect leaders, who interestingly enough 85 are women, this coming from a country that dismissed womens rights. Iyad Allawi, Iraqs Interim ready Minister believes that the unity of the country will be enhanced and will be strengthened by the process of an election. The new government will consist of a 275 member Transitional National Assembly, a presidentship council, provincial councils and a Kurdistan National Assembly. Currently Iraq is working under a Interim constitution, b...

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