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Compare a product(beer) in two different brand Essay

IntroductionIn order to understand the purpose and significance of the integrated chat process, it is reusable to comp ar to tick within the same product category. This report seeks to brook an understanding of the effectiveness on guide strategies. In doing so, a follow-up of the contrasting creative strategy and communication objectives bequeath be attained. An perceptivity on bottom commercialise and market partitioning approach comes into the setting of this report.Product CategoryThe product category chosen is food/ throw product, especially on beer product. The following two stigmatizes atomic number 18 both from outside(prenominal) market, with spunky reputation in Asian and Europe respectively.Our tiger Beer campaign was Discover the tiger sourced from The Face (February 2003) (See Appendix A).The competing instigator for comparison leave alone be the Reassuringly Expensive campaign from Stella Artois d genius by BBDO, which was an award-winning ad on sever al(prenominal) advertising ceremony. (See Appendix B)Communication ObjectivesSince tiger Beer is unfamiliar to Western market, the objective here mainly foc purposes on check off cognizance to the ass customer. Encouraging consumers who save never discipline our brand to try it by using a creative headline. In this sense, our brand is informing tooshie customers the existence of our brand, try to penetrate into the Western market. We arrested to win over the target markets get a line of Asian brand and scarper consumers through to purchase. In fact, Asian beer brand are rarely denote on Western countries times, tiger Beer wish to differentiate itself from other foreign competitors through the message Discover the tiger. Which achieve a high awareness by leaving a doubtfulness mark to close of the reader.The communication objectives for Stella Artois include brand location and brand recognition. As this beer has been on the market for a long time, advertising has moved from brand awareness to brand recognition, it wants consumers to concern the brand with their lifestyle. Stella Artoiss objective is to ensure its subsidy beer position in the market by matching the good step beer with well quality people. Since they well understand their target markets need, the campaign theme is to form a positive attitude towards the brand.As you can see in the ad, the communication message is aim directly to a specific aggroup and the idea is outstanding add competitors. In more situation, potential buyers become aware of more than unmatched brand in a given product category (Rossiter 1997). Therefore, Stella Artois has employ an effective visual message on this campaign to evoke viewers emotion and increase the percentage of consumers in the target market who associate specific features or lifestyle with their brand.Target marketBased on the communication objective, it is clear that two advertisements fuck off distinctly different target markets.From t he tiger Beer advertisement, we can infer that the target market is comprised of young young-begetting(prenominal) between the ages of 18-25, due to the fact that the advertisement was advertised in The Face. This clipping has a readership comprised predominantly of young male between this age group. This group of people whitethorn nurture already heard of Tiger Beer, and are weighing for more confirmation from reference group. They are likely to try new thing, social connections and quality of the beer are important factors in the decision-making process. In a certain extent, this group is favourable brand switchers. Their awareness may change over time and causes less-frequent purchase of our brand, unless we can provide a moderately favourable attitude towards the brand (Rossiter 1997).While Stella Artois was aimed at brand recognition, they have an established customer basis, which can be described as brand loyal (Rossiter 1997). Theyhave tight favourable attitude toward ou r brand, they look forward to purchasing a premium lager, which delivers quality and satisfaction. Stella Artois is simply near quality, not legal injury drinkers will pay a premium price for Stella Artois due to its commitment to quality. Certainly, Stella Artois is affordable to them as they are in centerfield or high-income group.From the above, the following table summarises and contrasts the target markets characteristics.Tiger Beer Stella ArtoisAge 18-25 25 or aboveSocial status Middle income crystallizeAsian backgrounds Higher incomeHigher program line levelPurchase behaviour Brand switching Brand commitmentLifestyle Young irreverentSocial activities Quality lifestyleStyle societyFactors influenceDecision-making Reference groupFinancial statusCulture/social class SituationEmotionPast decisionMarket PositioningIt is obvious that both company have differentiated their brands from others in the minds of the target market. It would be significant, as a bring together needs to be established between the brand benefits and the target consumer to bring about a positive brand number in relation to competing brands. some(prenominal) of the ads have positioning strategies that focus on the consumer rather than the competitor. RepositioningTiger Beer adopts this strategy due to the recent acceptance by Westerncountries and targeting it to a new market segment. Since they have previously built up a good reputation in Asian countries with value, quality and taste. Tiger Beer has chosen to direct its advertising to younger who prefer adventure. Moreover, it was positioned itself as a mystery Asian flavour instead of sportive and excitement image with their sport sponsorship campaign. (Belch & Belch 2001) Positioning by product attri scarcees and imageStella Artois is positioned on the basis of particular characteristics that differentiate it from its competitors. The slogan Reassuringly Expensive has been employ since the 80s. The key benefit stressed here is the quality, prestige image and value, which is the basic category need for a premium beer. Such elements are usually started at the top of the partitions Stella Artois was well planned for its customers to treasure these elements in their decision-making process.Creative Strategies & TacticsThis involves several elements to bring out the rudimentary message for the advertiser to achieve their desire outcome. The stronger the idea, the more effective the ad can communicate to consumers. As both of the companies have adjusted the communication objective to fit for target market, we can see that both companies have effective use their budget to shift away from traditional beer advertising. advertizement AppealsBoth of the ads are using an emotional appear as a basis. For the Tiger Beer, we see an Asian cleaning woman in the centre of the picture. The woman looks straight at the reader of the ad and holding a splendid kerosene lamp, burning. Next to her is a rickshaw with a bo ttle of Tiger Beer in the seat. The street was extremely naughty and silent with some Chinese glim at the end of the street. The advertisement tries to attract the reader with the notion of the hush-hush and strange. (See appendix A)Stella Artois uses a remainder advertising approach on their latest campaign. The campaign background is luxurious, elegant furniture such as a designer chair or a piano, which is being damaged with an assailable cap putting on it. The ad appears to be simple but hard to understand, unless viewers of the ad have some ideas on the brand. For the target market point of view, it was highly associated with the Stella Artois brand image. And leave a strong curiosity to the viewer. (See appendix B) Headlines and Visual elementsThe Tiger Beer using a question in Chinese at the top right hand recession to enhance the Asian feeling. The meaning of that heading is Do you have gut? Which implies that Tiger Beer is an Asian mystery to western countries, try th is beer if you are festal enough. It hopes to generate an answer of Yes, I do, I will try the beer. Secondly, there is a sub-heading at the bottom of the ad Discover the tiger. So what is the connotation of this advertisement? Firstly, it tells the reader that when he or she drinks this beer, they will interpret the tiger. There are several connotative meanings represented in it. It depends on the view the reader takes. For example, we can assume that the woman represents the tiger. She is the one to appear strong, to control the situation. The black hair and black lipstick and dark eyes give her a mystical and dangerous appearance. Moreover, the content of solicitation are of sexual nature, which is effective in gauging the attention of its target market.Stella Artois continues to use the Reassuringly Expensive as sub-heading at the bottom of the ad. The wording is pocket-sized as for the conclusion after reading the visual elements. Which encourage the target customer to beli eve that Stella Artois is a good quality beer, it is worthwhile to turn out up the bottle on the edge of the furniture immediately without look for the bottle opener. This slogan can build up a ringing with the target audience and has adopted across all of its advertising to honor the perception that this is a premium beer. The overall picture was simple and clear, secret code else. It would be enough to convey a sense of premium quality. (PaulMessaris 1997) advertising MediaBoth advertisements were found in fashion magazines. As magazines have shrink exposure levels, niche magazine such as The Face and I-D have directly targeted to the intended audience. Generally, an effective communication campaign relies on budget. Tiger Beer has trade-off between reach and frequency. In this case, what Tiger Beer doing is reaching a few people a lot of times. Tiger Beer has used several advertising appeal and spent the same budget in provided one media, such as magazine therefore, a mu ch little number of people will be exposed to the advertising, but they will be exposed very frequently.In contrast, Stella Artois scattering their budget across a number of different media. According to a research in UK, it allocates the largest slice of spent on TV commercial, followed by magazine and billboard. The undercoat is that Stella Artois use other communication channels such as magazine to make to campaign stronger and gives the overall communicate program a great synergy. (AdNews 28/2)Bibliography1. Rossiter, John & Larry Percy, Advertising, Communications & Promotions Management, 1997, McGraw-Hill.2. George E. Belch & Micheal A. Belch, Advertising and Promotion, An Integrated trade Communication Perspective, 2001, Fifth edition, McGraw-Hill.3. Paul Messaris, Visual Persuasion, The role of image in advertising. 1997, Sage Publications.4. AdNews 28 February 20035. Asia Pacific Breweries LTD (Annual Report 2001)http// Tiger Beer c Stella Artois

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