Friday, February 15, 2019

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Arizona inquires a equity requiring adult bicycle riders to wear a helmet      Have you ever known soulfulness who was hurt in a car accident? What do you designate his attitude about seat belts was after they saved his life? If you knew that a seat belt would save your life, you would buckle up It took years of enactment and public aw arness campaigns to make seat belt lend oneself mandatory. at once a new topic regarding public safety is coming to softly people are dying or becoming seriously injured in seemingly minor accidents on bicycles when the riders head strikes the concrete. When the head is vulnerable "the brain continues to move in a forward motion piece the skull stops moving" (Macyko1), causing trauma. What is needed is a way to cling to the brain "by absorbing the energy from the impact, buying extra succession for the brain to slow down" (Macyko1). Bicycle riders need to wear helmets to foster their brains from injury , yet unfortunately the public is simply not aware of this need and many people will continue to die or be seriously injured unless something is done. Bicycle helmets save lives and should be required by Arizona State law for riders of all ages.Opponents feel that bicycle helmet laws are too strict and are misdirected. Principally, they feel that helmet laws do not proscribe accidents and point out the fact that "motor vehicles are involved in 90-92% of bicyclist deaths" (BHSI/Compendium 4). Creating awareness among drivers by lowering their speeds would create a safer cycling environment. Furthermore, opponents of helmet laws believe that "requiring motorists to wear helmets will save more lives" (Convissor 1) since statistics testify the likelihood of fatality while riding in passenger cars is roughly double that of bicycling (Bicycle 15). They are also concerned for the overall popularity of their drama when helmet laws go into effect. After helmet laws went in to effect in Australia, "surveys in Sydney found the helmet law reduced cycling by 38%" (Convissor, 1). Another issue is the tilt that helmets are inconvenient and uncomfortable.      The opponents of helmet laws seem to have a good argument. Helmet use cannot prevent an accident and Department of Transportation statistics indicate seventy cardinal percent of bicycle related deaths are in collisions with motor vehicles (American academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2), which implies the real problem is with automobile drivers causing accidents with bikes.

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