Monday, February 11, 2019

Battered Women Syndrome Essay -- essays research papers

Battered Woman Syndrome     In Robert Agnews general strain theory, he talks about how strain and stress could cause an individual to confide crimes that they wouldnt have committed without those circumstances. In his theory, he refers to veto affective states, which are the "anger, frustration, and adverse emotions that emerge in the wake of destructive social relationships". It is these negative affective states that are produced by strain. Agnew ack instantlyledges that strain can be caused by negative situations, such as abuse or neglect, family conflict, or trying life events. These situations can all be found to be super prevalent in households where domestic violence occurs. According to this theory, the negative stimuli presented causes, in this case, the cleaning lady to feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, depressed, and fearful. These negative feelings, in turn, are outwardly denotative through violence. In this paper, we will look at b eaten-up woman syndrome as a theory that has stemmed from Robert Agnews general strain theory. In her 1979 book "The Battered Woman" Dr. Lenore Walker first came up with what is now know as battered woman syndrome. Put simply battered woman syndrome, or BWS as it is sometimes called, is a group of psychological symptoms that are easily recognized in women who have been physically, sexually, or psychologically assaulted by their domestic partner. According to Dr. Walker, "Battered w...

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