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Advertising: Make the Consumer Believe They Are Superior Essay

Advertisers persuade hatful into purchasing their harvest-tides by making the advertisement appealing to the consumer. By relating alluring experiences that in most cases have nonhing to do with the product at all. It is a psychological strategy that advertisers use to aim the consumer believe that by purchasing the product they will be superior or they will regain some kind of satisf make upion out of it. Researchers have found a sort to discover tags hidden in advertisements that make the unconscious mind consciousness destiny to defile the product. Advertisers relate the products to acceptable experiences and they use emotional stigmatisation to make money. Researchers study the right language to dish out a product or idea by punishing to figure out a code to the unconscious mind of why people actually profane the product. According to (Clotaire Rapaille) from The Persuaders advertisers know how Americans shade about the product, there are unconscious association s with every product that we buy.Every word has an unconscious code in every mind marketers understand the real need of the client sometimes unspoken and they deliver better me wishing we want. Marketers try to connect their products to the consumers they are persuasive and they have plenty of change strategies to achieve to people to buy something. They relate the product to a certain free radical of people for example, there was an advertisement that was shown on the film The Persuaders that made a connection with happy people saying that Song a new-made airline is for happy people. It could be very difficult to get nearly in this world with a degree of self- awareness as to whats happening because all these messages are trying to move us to act and make choices on an emotional level and probably the best way to not fall into this trap that advertisers put consumers into is not to believe in the advertisements. (Rusgkoff, Persuaders) Advertisers capture the financial aid of teens by relating cool or pleasurable experiences to products.They get their help by telling them whats cool. On TV commercials or at the stores that teenager are most likely to visit. Persuasion is an of the essence(p) role in capturing teens attention. Teens are easily persuaded into purchase things by the media, advertisers know that teens have favorite celebrities and they use it to capture their attention. Teens attention is captured by the images and wordings that an advertisement has. There is a story that teens can position just by the picture and by how well the advertisement is organized. It is so easy for teenagers to be amazed by some products organism advertised. Teenagers want to have everything that is cool, everything that is going to make them stand out or commonplace among their own groups. (Rushkoff, Merchants) An example of emotional persuasion is that advertisers are trying to sell their products by making people believe that by buying a product they wi ll be superior.Advertisers relate their products to culture, sports, family anything that is serious to people. For example they office advertise something that has to do with a groups culture. Therefore consumers buy the product because they feel that it relates to their culture and makes them feel good. Emotional branding is used to describe a way of life. What people like to do or they are customary to do advertisers try to put it in their advertisements. Images and oral communication are important to tell a story within an advertisement. Products are related to things that we revel doing advertisers want to make us think that the products we purchase make us who we are. An important strategy that advertisers use is imagery. Imagery displays pleasurable experiences or things that make people laugh. For example the joy they would feel if they bought energizer max batteries because the bunny is so catchy and gives a precedent of how the batteries work. (Maasik and Solomon)Havin g the correct picture in an advertisement can be very beneficial. Images are what capture peoples attention. welcome experiences are shown in images so that the consumer is enlightened by the product and could analyse themselves in that pleasurable experience. Imagery is very important in selling products. It defines what people want and the words in the advertisement makes people mind what advertisers want them to see and feel in order to sell their product. . Pictures give advertisements a sense of what the product destines. A product can mean many things in an advertisement but the images show emotion towards things that people want.(Streeter) Images of intrust are substituted for actual products on the advertisements advertisers goal is to transform desire into necessity.Semiotics is a tradition of thought known for calling attention to the formal structures of signification, of meaning-making, in culture.(Streeter) Advertisers use psychology to sell their products by assoc iating products with pleasurable experiences, this is how consumers are persuaded into buying a product even though sometimes the pleasurable experience has nothing to do with the product being advertised. Advertisers want to know how the unconscious mind works when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy a product.They believe that the unconscious mind makes people buy things that they dont need. Advertisers try to satisfy consumers needs throughout images and words to make them feel that they deserve to have that pleasurable experience that is being shown in the advertisement. Some ways that advertisers use psychology to sell their products is by making us think that we need the product but we buy a certain brand because it associates with something that we enjoy doing. For example, their favorite brands, things that they like, colors that they ability find alluring. Advertisers are willing to pay these people for information to cope with ideas for new advertisements. (Rushko ff,Persuaders)Day after day people are unfastened to advertisements. There are advertisements in every building, any place we mind at. People are being persuaded to buy things and many do not realize it. Many do not even imagine that shadow those fascinating images there is a code that advertisers worked too hard to discover so that people buy their product.

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