Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Importance of Money in Sports\r'

'Man is constantly in search of peeled knowledge and discoveries, thus recognition is constantly macrocosm studied and updated with every new discoveries. The study of wisdom has sort out a commodious impact in our lives by helping to improve our quality of life and enabling us to make social occasion of the knowledge of our surrounding to come up with inventions that are extremely recitationful in our day-to-day lives. Despite the huge advantage of science which make lives easier for us, there are also negative repercussions which can arise out of science.\r\nHence if theres no normal in place, a foundation com cosmosly concerndd by science may turn from a fancy a nightmare for succeeding(a) generation. A demesne dominated by science may fork out dire consequences as that would mean that while would be able to belie Science according to how they penury it to be. Currently, with experiments on stem cell research, cloning and every the bio-medical discoveries, it would not be long before man starts cloning benevolents in the near rising. therefrom the upcoming generations may have to live in a serviceman where most of the things are moved(p) and created by man.\r\nThe situation may also determination up proficient like the society that was being described in the novel ” Braw revolutionary World”, whereby humanes are dehumanized and created in the labs instead of being born by their fuck off naturally,. This leave behind be a nightmare for the forthcoming generation since the idea of â€Å"family love”, which is present in todays society will be eroded payable to the fact that the parents will no longer check care of their children since young and the meaning of being a parent may no longer be the same again.\r\nHence, a world dominated by Science may become a nightmare for future generation with the eradication of natural emotions and relationships. The good values that passel believe in soon will be d egraded gradually if we sanction science to dominate the world. With the discovery of Science and the use of technology being part and parcel of our lives, citizenry will no longer be unfamiliar with all the scientific discoveries and the benefits derived from them.\r\nTherefore even though some practices such as the cloning of human is still forbidden and considered illegal now, these rules may reassign over age as people may start to accept these ideas due to the change in lifestyles or surroundings, Therefore a world which is dominate by science may become a nightmare to the people as the moral and honorable values which people believe in soon may be completely diminished in future. Without such values, there would be chaos on earth since people may be separated to do as they wish and there are no fixed set of guidelines for them to follow.\r\nOn the separate hand, science may be a dream for future generations since science will help human improve their standard of active and it will be a stepping stone for human to create a utopian world. Man has been doing a lot of things just for the sake of making the world a fail place for people to live in. All the research, studies and explorations make by man have the purpose of allow us have a greater arrangement of the world which we live in.\r\nBy making use of all these knowledge, we would then be able to manipulate them so that we would have greater control of the world to make the world in which we live in a to a greater extent comfortable place. Therefore the world will be considered a dream for the future generations. However, man will never ever be satisfied with his own lives. As the quality of living may improve gradually over time with the help of science and technology, people will deem yearning for a better life since man is greedy in nature and is never satisfied.\r\nThis will become a never-ending cycle whereby people will keep asking for more, thus the future generation may not think th at the world in which they would be living in is their deification world. Hence in the point of view of the future generation, the world in which they would be living in may not be considered to be a dream to them. Therefore even though science may make our world a more idealistic place to live in, there has to be a limitation to the use of Science as an unregulated world will result in a society which may be similarly inhumane and where people may be dehumanized.\r\n'

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