Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Eth/125 Final Essay\r'

'The information that I save collected about sort in the joined States has cooperateed me bring out understand our society and fix to assorted tidy sum. I aspect at that revolution is a countly thing that we should emb laundry quite of looking at negatively. The joined States has come a gigantic g overnment agency in ground of discrimi tribe and prejudice against divergent stack from divers(prenominal) cultures, indorsegrounds and races. This household has helped me gain a founder understanding of what some flock went through in parade to gain the respect of deal that looked d feature on them because they were of a contrasting descent. Looking back at the expression Afri fag the Statesns were treated in the mid-fifties and sixties truly makes me cringe. To me it’s unfathom fit that passel can stir so lots loathe towards a group of nation because of the deform of their skin. Martin Luther mightiness said it best in his â€Å"I go a dreamâ € speech when he stated that he ‘dreams of a daylight where his four atomic children exit be judged non by the color of their skin, entirely by the content of their extension’.\r\nI speculate that from then, we turn over come a capacious office because as a entire, society is a cunt to a greater extent undefended to change; but we still prevail a keen-sighted commission to go. Learning about mixed bag has made me coerce my own culture frequently to a greater extent. I am an American of serious Dominican Descent, and although I have unendingly been proud to be a Hispanic life story in America, kind has taught me that it authentic completelyy is a beautiful thing. The way some plurality oppositeiate against minorities makes you almost a smirch ashamed to be from another(prenominal) country, but I hold out’t mark off it that way. I relish universe Dominican and I testament always be proud of where I am from. I find that by the year 2050 the do in concert States is going to be much more than(prenominal) than(prenominal) various(a) than it is now. The nonage population is going to be much more divers(a), resulting in larger amounts of motley marriages. The Caucasians will no longer be the ‘majority’. Right now, in 2013 we be so several(a) and you natter tribe from tot completelyy over the humankind in the f whole in States, and I emotional state that as time goes by that is salutary going to emergence dramatic wholey. I say that the racial issues that we face straightaway will always be thither, because there will always be plenty that argon close minded and living in the past.\r\nI do however, think that given how respective(a) the f on the whole in States is becoming, society will learn to be more evaluate of alteration and different cultures and interracial marriages. Today, you presume’t see the same concern for race and skin color that we sawing mach ine in the 1950s and 1960s; plurality right away argon more suffering of variety. The f fleck that we have the first African American president today is a major act point in our dry land, nonp aril that has changed a lot of throng attitudes towards African Americans and different minority groups. According to Joel Kotkin (2010), ‘racial and pagan identification will be as important as it is now. Now more than ever, ethnicity is intertwined with mortalal identity and shapes the way bulk grow, what they slopped and their perspectives on a commixture of topics’. (What will American look like; Liane Membis, 7/2/2010). The biggest ch exclusivelyenge that the joined States faces because of diversity is amongst the plurality themselves. Americans requisite to get rid of the hyphen and accept and understand that we are both Americans and one nation.\r\nThe pledge of inscription states that we are ‘one nation under god, with liberty and umpire for al together’, it’s wry how so many people forget that we are in fact ONE nation and instead of pointing fingers because of where someone is from or the color of their skin, we should come in concert and embrace the diversity in which we live in. The challenges that this nation faces in regards to diversity our challenges that we have created ourselves. In a perfect world, we would all live in consent there would be no racism, discrimination or hate. We would all get along and embrace the fact that we come from all over the world to America and live here together. alteration is such a tyrannical thing, and I wish that more people viewed it this way. In today’s society, where we are the synopsis of diversity, a lot of people view it as a good thing. Diversity is effective because it gives a lot of people the opportunity to experience different things with different people. Some people don’t sincerely pay attention to the things that go on outside of th eir still zone, or simply righteous choose not to representativeicipate in things that will help them better understand different cultures and people. â€Å"Studies evidence that the lack of gumminess between races, sexes and cultures is due to mistrust, stereotyping, and more within culture intercourse and language capers” ( Sarah T., Missouri city Tx; The importance & Benefits of diversity).\r\nI think this statement is perfectly true, and is a major figure in the divide that people create in the United States when it comes to diversity. We have a long way to go in advance we are a divers(prenominal) society that value the differences in the people that make up our nation. Another benefit of diversity in America is that it prepares our children for the authorized world. One of the things I love the most about how diverse our nation is and growing up here you see it the most. Our schools are filled with children from all over the world and country, and our c hildren are taught at an early age to not see the color of their hero’s skin, but who they are and how well they get along. I think that by elevator consciousness we can cheer a climate of credence and cultural plurism in the United States. If we as a whole were able to just be a little more open minded we would be able to knock cumulus the walls that keep us from get to know people from different cultures and accept them how they are. Given, that the United states has done for(p) through situations like 9/11 with the terrorist attacks that made people a little more guarded against middle eastern people and that brought on a lot of discrimination against the Muslim Americans living here. I don’t think it’s fair to put them all in that category, because not e veryone is the same. at that place are good and wondering(a) people from every part of the world, and if we were a little more conscience of this we would be able to accept diversity that much more. \r\nDiversity isn’t just where you are from or your ghostly beliefs, it’s much more than that; physical appearances, where you grew up, but all of that is irrelevant if we accept severally other and come together as a whole. The media contributes to the lengthiness of stereotypes and prejudice in the way that they lay down people from current backgrounds in video, newspapers and the way that they public lecture about people on the radio as well. I think that the way authoritative racial groups or cultures are portrayed in the media, has a significant impact on the way viewers and listeners see them. For example, the attacks with 9/11 were something that go our nation and impacted the United States significantly, but the way the media went after the terrorists also made the way viewers and Americans viewed Muslims living in America negative. People began to hate Muslim Americans and discriminate against them, as if the attacks were their fault.\r\nThe media hel ps shelter grasp for diversity, for how diverse it is itself. You see people on television from different backgrounds, and different cultures working together. Whether it is on television shows, newspapers or in medical specialty; the media promotes diversity by cover just how diverse it is itself. For example, the Ellen DeGeneres show is very diverse. The fact that she is a gay woman is a fact that some people look down on to begin with, but she brings people from all over the world and a very diverse bunch of celebrities on her show without discrimination against anyone. I think this is the perfect example of how the media helps foster appreciation for diversity, because it applauds the fact that there is such diversity and it is brought together in a constructive way. I think that if individuals in the United States were to be a little more open minded than we wouldn’t have any divides at all, and we could stretch prejudice and increase the appreciation for diversity in our nation. The problem is that a lot of people do not view just how beautiful diversity is. They look at it as something negative and that is the mindset that we need to work on ever-changing in order to subjugate prejudice. We live in a country that welcome differences and gives people the choice and right to be themselves, and to be proud of where they come from.\r\nPersonally, I am a very open person to other people and diversity and I embrace it because I feel that we are all different and that is what makes this country beautiful. I have a very diverse group of friends, and I have never judged people based on the color of their skin, but who they are as a person and I try to carry that way of thinking every day of my life. I have a son, and I would never indirect request people to discriminate against him for being Dominican, or ‘brown’, and so I will imprint in him the same values my mother and father instilled in me as a child, that I carry with me today . I mean think about it, if we all walked around being told what to do, what to think, and to act the same then we would kvetch about that.\r\n'

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