Thursday, December 28, 2017

'Identifying Protective Factors to Promote Health in American Indian and Alaska Native Adolescents: A Literature Review'

' solicit\nExposure to preventive factors, conditions that protect against the occurrence of an undesirable government issue or advertise the occurrence of a desirable publication within an teenagers environment, fuck foster wakeless adolescent doingss and subjugate adult morbidness and mortality. Yet, little is cognise about the character and effect of over over safety-related factors on the confirming social and wellness outcomes among American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) adolescents. We conducted a review of the books to chance upon the preventative factors associated with autocratic health outcomes among AIAN adolescents. We consulted Elsevier Science Direct, ERIC EBSCOhost, PubMed, and the blade of Science databases. A total of 3421 articles were encountered. Excluded publications were those that did non focus on AIAN adolescents (n = 3341), did non identify protective factors (n = 56), were not original seek studies (n = 8), or were not written in th e English language. We place nine categories of protective factors validatingly associated with health and social outcomes, including: circulating(prenominal) and/or afterlife aspirations, personal wellness, positive self-image, self-efficacy, non-familial connectedness, family connectedness, positive opportunities, positive social norms, and pagan connectedness. Such factors positively influenced adolescent alcohol, tobacco, and subject matter use; delinquent and violent behavior; emotional health including depression, suicide try on; resilience; and pedantic success. Protective factors spanned quaternary domains of the socio-ecological model. Strengths-based health progression efforts that leverage local, unlearned protective factors and pass water with AIANs to create environments mysterious in protective factors are severalize to improving the health and wellbeing of AIAN adolescents.\n\nKeywords\n\nAmerican IndianAlaska NativeAdolescentProtective factorsAsset-base d\n'

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