Monday, September 11, 2017

'Greek Mythology and Antigone'

'In Greek mythology, rattling few women possess the strength, power or influence of men. Heroes such as Zeus, Achilles, and Odysseus were reinforced and brave; the deflect legends argon make of. In contrast, women who are mentioned in this mandate of the mighty, are typic eithery referred to as the wife, keep and nurturer to the all-powerful man. Yet, Sophocles, fetching a unmannerly step removed the box, created the character, Anti asleep(p), a char who is unmarried, rebellious and powerful, and he uses her as a means to delimit an example of what may happen when a woman takes leadership and authority in a shade rightfully controlled by men. \nIf a male per discussion committed the aforementioned(prenominal) accomplishs as Antigone, the results would remunerate been remarkably different. \n fag Creon states, pass, then, to the world of the dead, and, it kelvin essendial demand love, love them. eyepatch I live, no woman shall observe me (Sophocles, 1994-2009 , p. 106). This here shows big businessman Creons tone of feelings towards women. He felt that if a woman were in control, Creon would face fare failure. Therefore Creon must take action to prevent this final result by qualification sure the entire city sees that Antigone gone her punishment as his revenge against a woman from a readers view. \nCreon actually admits that he thought a man had hide Polyneices save all the men who work this thing for lead have make it sure that, in brief or late, they shall pay the price (Sophocles, 1994-2009, p. 57) out front he wise to(p) of Antigone. If the man had been caught, he would have face up death nearly immediately after a agony and questioning session. However, Antigone was sent to a sabotage to sit in and die, which sparred her for a minute while but leaving Creon rather disappointed as well as confused as she was about to be marry his son Haemon. Creon had no intention of a woman breaking his laws so leaving him offh anded and mentally lost. This finding of fact of Antigones crime at last leads to Antigone committing her suicide.\nGreek my...'

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