Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Most Famous Athletes of 2014

2013 was a outstanding family which marked an dreadful year in sports. We witnessed the showtime British player later on 76 long time to pull round Wimbledon, Bayern Munich won a Champions fusion after dominating the altogether Europe, Miami Heat won the NBA name and Real Madrid make new transfer repose by signing G arth collect for 100 million euros. in that location were similarly few more(prenominal) negative, but very remarkable sports stories, like the integrity with dig Armstrongs doping scandal and Oscar Pistorius trial. Here is the bring up of the top 10 ren have athletes of 2014, which will intimately believably mark this year:\n\n10. Rory Mcilroy\nThis northern Irish golfer who is precisely 23 years former(a) really marked this year in golf. After he became the offspringest player ever to nominate a staggering bill of $10 million of life earnings from PGA Tour, he in like manner won various passing reputable tournaments. He is excuse rega rded as one of the hottest young golf prospects, even though he is already at the top of the world with tiger Woods. This year he thrivingly won the USA Open, which is presently one of his biggest achievements of his career.\n\n9. Sebastian Vettel\nSebastian Vettel, shortly the outgo jurisprudence 1 number one wood in the world, has really owned this year in convening 1. He is current valet de chambre Champion, after he improbably won championships in dwell 4 years. There are simply no signs on why he should not win it this year also, since he is a standard supra everyone else currently in Formula 1. Even though he is only 25 years old, he is even immediately regarded as one of the most successful and most preponderating F1 racing car device driver of all time. He also broke many records this year, and one of them is about him being youngest driver that ever won 4 championships in a row.\n\n8. Tim Tebow\nTim Tebow is currently one of the most known athletes in USA a nd is astray regarded as the best American football player currently. He had a very successful 2013 year with New England, and he is currently a clear agent looking ...

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