Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Ethics of Belief by W. K. Clifford

In this paper, I exit elaborate over my strength by dint of a evidentialist suggest of hitch. Overall, I will apologise the basic concepts of W. K. Cliffords story, The Ethics of Belief, and what decisions I believe caused the series of wretched events. The captain, his beliefs, actions, reactions and my theory of what these events caused will be overviewed in this presentation, compared by situational events in hypothetical references, and also stories derived from biblical scripture. I will exertion to deter any preconceived opinion from those that ingest a non evidentialist view on God and confederacy with a sound voice or mindset to gifted reasoning of a lad evidentialist view. I do set apart to show strong solidus towards non evidentialist views because for my belief I involve strong evidence and brain wave on modern twenty-four hour period events or tribulations.\nIf a chief was take to sea a ship that has sailed many seas sooner yet was told he requisite repairs prior to this voyage would disclose a complete deficiency of common sense. For example, if a involver knew that they had little tread on their tires and suddenly decided to drive the roads at night. Then, by surprise the roads became lopsided after it started to rain. After driving, the number one wood and the elevator car then hydroplaned and ran into the tree, if the device driver then had a down in the mouth collar or free burning minimal injuries, they would only have themselves to blame. Yet, again with the same casing where the driver was to have other passenger in the car and the passenger was to either be injured or killed. The driver may not be held responsible by the speak to of law. However, the driver then felt the guilty conscience and example sadness from their passenger who preserve injuries or a fatality. previous to this event, the driver is diagnosed depression and goes by dint of self-esteem issues. With their lack of friends and clean su pport they decide to go to church where they discover a support system through their self crisis and find doctrine in God...

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