Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Admissions Tip: Addressing Unemployment or Gaps in Employment

Given the emphasis that schools holding on a candidates micturate experience, it is important to be proactive in addressing gaps in employment. When applying to by number school, many candidates worry to the highest degree how the adcom index perceive gaps in employment. We would like to take some(a) clip to discuss strategies for addressing this issue.\nIts non unheard of for an MBA candidate to feed a gap in employment, and this give not inescapably make a prejudicious impact on someones candidacy. Gaps might be due(p) to anything from lay-offs to point in snips of travel. As a rule of thumb, applicants should relieve gaps in employment that be three months or longish in an optional shew or, if instructed, on their data forms. The adcom bequeath not fatality to play detective with vague dates on an applicants résumé or large chunks of unaccounted for time. As the adcom will simply want to do what an applicant was doing during a period of unemplo yment, applicants should show that they made juicy use of this time. It is important for applicants to be open and clear near extended gaps to show that they were not simply spending the time to look for full-time employment.\nAddressing sure unemployment in applications, however, requires a diametric strategy than simply discussing previous(prenominal) gaps in employment history. Candidates applying to transaction school who be not actually employed are in a trickier situation, as trade schools view themselves as move accelerators rather than career jump-starters. The task is not impossible, though, and given(p) the current state of the economy, more candidates are applying to business school during a period of unemployment. As with addressing gaps in employment, these applicants should not frustrate discussions centering on this issue. On the other hand, they should not attest unemployment as the reason for applying to business school nor should they suggest tha t they arent immediately looking for work d! ue to the need to devote time to their MBA applications (a major red flag).\nIn addressing unemployment, applicants should show that they are doing their better to find something temporary or engaging in declare oneself work. Ideally, applicants would show that they are doing something in line with their stated superior goals, like attending conferences or working to secure an internship in a field they want to explore. Whatever the case, applicants should be direct and appear proactive.\nAs any applicant is unique, we encourage our readers to spot Clear Admit outright if they need guidance on tackling a gap in employment or current unemployment situation. Send us your résumé and sign up for a free person-to-person session with one of our counselors.

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