Saturday, February 8, 2014

Successful European Nation

What started off as an attraction to the East, and not the West, led Europeans to distinguish the Americas. Europeans not only disc overed the Americas, except they began to colonise the raging World even though ancient Americans and their descendents were already fiscal support there for thousands of years. At this time, most native the great unwashed were not able to defend themselves because Europeans were a lot more than advanced(a) than they were. European nations were indeed more advance, but the main reasons why they were so successful at colonizing the Americas in the sixteenth and no. centuries relies heavily on their proclivity to colonize, immunity from old gracious being sicknesss, and a well-equipped military. During the sixteenth century, European nations had the desire to colonize, but the raw World really belonged to the Spaniards. The Spanish monarch, Queen Isabella, had the desire to spreading Christianity to the stark naked World and the desire to grapple with other European nations, like Portugal, for new sources of wealth. Other European nations didnt trust to colonize because of religious purpose, but they did fatality too because of stinting reasoning. European nations, including Spain, wanted to also colonize because of a affirmable trade of raw materials and other goods put to birthher in the bleak World. This competitive desire gave the European nations advantages over native people because they wanted to spread Christianity, find wealth, or trade, and nothing was overtaking to stop that. Disease, by far, was probably unitary of the most effectual advantages Europeans had because they had immunity from old world indisposition like belittled pox, measles, and influenza. Native people did not puzzle that immunity because the New World was still virgin soil. The natives didnt have domesticated animals like some(prenominal) Europeans did, in which many diseases derived from those animals. Through disease corridor, old world diseases were able to d! ie faster than the European explorers that ultimately decimated the population of...If you want to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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