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CAUSES & EFFECT OF E-WASTE As technology develops, the amount of E-waste has in constantlyy case increased. What argon some causes and possible effects of the change magnitude amount of E-Waste? The electronic trade is more vibrant than ever before because of the track to generate more technologies of many companies around the world. This development, however, leads to the old electronic product replacing, which cause the amount of E-waste to skyrocket. As a result, the mankind is in danger since the environment has been ruined, and therefore, lay peoples health in warning. This essay bequeath describe the major causes and negative effects of increasing E-waste. The main cause of this exit is that the affordability of personal electronic has increased markedly. In the meantime, mobile phones and computers ar causing the biggest problem because they are replaced just about often. The companies competitive prices brace exploded the large consumption of electronic equ ipment. In fact, 674 cardinal mobile phones were sold worldwide in 2004(Greenpeace). Furthermore, this problem also results from the greater technological advances. In otherwise words, the model of electronic product has quickly superseded than that before. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
According to Greenpeace the bonnie lifespan of computers in developed countries has dropped from six years in 1997 to just devil years in 2005. Apparently, the amount of E-waste is cast out globally apiece year as a wake of upgrading or move new model of customers and the strategy which is called picture to dump of the manufactures   to telescope the hu ge level of sales in order to soar their pr! ofits. The possible effect of increasing E-waste is environmental contamination. When thrown away, they abrogate up in countryfill, incinerators or more recently, are exported to Asiatic countries to recycle. Unfortunately, dangerous medicals and toxic metals inside those devices whitethorn leach into the land over time. The situation even acquiring worse during governance process when they are burned...If you want to read a adept essay, order it on our website:

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