Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Are The Costs And Benefits Of The Current Dominance Of English In International/multinational Regional Organisations (e.g. The United Nations, The World Bank, The European Union, The Commonwealth, The Association Of South East Asian Nations)?

Running Head : side DominanceNameCourseUniversityTutorDateOutlineIntroductionBackgroundBenefits of incline dustup in outside(a) organizationsNegative impact of use up of position quarrel in global organizationsConclusionThe Effects of English Dominance in world(prenominal) OrganizationsIntroductionEnglish is adept of the most mouth dictions in the innovation . globally around 380 million people speak English as their basic terminology , 250 million use it as their guerilla speech confabulation , and 1 billion are in the serve surface of learning it and about one third of the global globe are walk outed by it one modal hold dear or the other . By the year 2050 it is forecasted that around a one-half of the world will be able to pop off flop in English (Pennycook A . 1994 ) English is on its way to become a p aramount global vocabulary . The phrase has developed to become the oral communication of use in internationalist trade , international science conferences , and global administration . The rife usage of English has gone further to affect international and regional organizations such as macrocosm land European Union , and other multinational companies (Brutt-Griffler , J 2002English potence originated from governmental suppression and economical manipulation by Britain and join States . slightly policies of international organization such as creative activity margin have served to propagate the dominance of English in create countries (Keal ,1983 However , the most important factor that has conduct English to become such a globally spoken language is the emergence of unify States of America as a `world super power a nation that uses English as its major language of conference (Brutt-Griffler , J . 2002 . Since the United States and Britain persist in the inter national organizations such as earthly conc! ern Bank World Health Organization (WHO , United Nations (UN , World trade Organization (WTO ) and so on , this has influenced such ecumenical entities to use English as a major language of communication (Brutt-Griffler , J .
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2002The use of English as the dominant language in these organizations has generated enormous benefits especially in the repose of mathematical process . However it has not been smooth piloting has a incalculable of controversies have continued to emerge because of the same dominance (Keal ,1983 linguistic dominance has its origins in conquest , armed services and political oppressivene ss , and economic exploitation . The role of language in violet expansion has been a central broker of the europeanisation of the world (Robert) This study has continued to emerge in more forums where most nations (especially the non-English verbalize ) have constantly objected to the dominance of English because it has been seen as a way of Europeanizing others (Robertp The purpose of this is to critically conk out both the benefits and cost with the purpose of establishing the direction the organizations are promising to take in this thorny and controversial issueBenefits of English language in International organizationsCommunicationThis is perhaps the greatest benefit that the subordination of English has brought to roughly all world bodies . Having one language as a lingua franca facilitates or breaks down the communication barriers (Gary C Members of such bodies...If you want to get a plentiful essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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