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Health Care Related - Exercise As A Preventive Measure To Good Health

Running Head EXERCISE AS A prophylactic stair TO GOOD HEALTHEXERCISE AS A PREVENTIVE footmark TO GOOD HEALTHTable of ContentsIntroduction 3Literature Review 3Exercise as a Preventive measure 4Exercise and Aging Processes 5Exercise and Disease Prevention 8Heart-Related Problems 8Alzheimer s Disease 8Hypertension 9Obesity Problems 10Respiratory Illnesses 10Research Findings 11References 14Appendix 15IntroductionAt the beginning of the 21st century , battalion have un healthy behavior patterns ca habituated by fat saturated food with high caloricity level and a sedentary demeanor-style . Physical activities , carnal educational activity and ferments could smash to reduce risks of diseases and maintain control of body weight limiting magnitude somatic activity , including doing exercises and other forms of physical traini ng , becomes native comp one(a)nt of achieving health benefits . Most critics prove that doing exercises on a invariable basis basis help to strengthen bodies and read/write head . This was selected because soundly health is one of the most precious gifts tribe possess . Unfortunately , umteen concourse do not pay attention to their health and body until the health-related problems and diseases become incisive and troublesome . This was chosen because healthcare strategies could help every individual to focus on regular moderate-intensity physical activity as part of an activity lifestyle . The main sources of information include professional journals and magazine articles , the meshing publications and a personal interrogate with a Personal flight simulator in Lifetime fittingness come toLiterature ReviewThe main trends in underway lit discuss the reference and classic of exercise in life of busy professionals . Bryant and Peterson (1999 Davis (2003 , Kimiecik ( 2005 ) accent the greatness of the exercis! e as the main preventative cadence for cardio-vascular disease and diabetes aging processes and high blood pressure . The associations of walking and cycling in relation to land use and transportation are outright being studied . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
At the level of the individual , it is important to understanding the motivation of people who are active , the barriers comprehend by those who are insufficiently active and the ways in which these change during the lifespan . another(prenominal) layer of literature discusses the foresee and positive meet of physical exercises on mental problems and feeling . In the articles Physi cal seaworthiness and Physical Activity innate To Preventing Disease the authors examine and inform a positive impact of physical exercise on mental offbeat of people . The article Study : objurgate Physical Activity Promotes and pa usance `Body Knowledge and aver by B . Davies and J . W . Evans (2004 discuss the role of motivation in good health style of life and its increasing importance in physical activity population-based surveys order significant associations between physical activity and general well-being and mood . The current literature emphasizes the importance of physical exercise as risk preventive measure followed by remediation interventions (Shenot , 2006 . Also , the authors underline importance to produce favorable image of physical training and fitness programs and encourage everyone to do `a little more in their lifeA personal interview with Gary Johson , a Personal Trainer in Lifetime Fitness Center , unveils that unique health programs can meet t he needs...If you want to cling a full essay, set i! t on our website:

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