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Roald catjang pea : the AuthorRoald red gram is a British writer , who is storied for his clever short stories and macabre nipperren s books . Some of his famous squ atomic number 18 kit and caboodle atomic account 18 crowd together and the Giant Peach (1961 , The Witches - 1973 , The Gremlins - 1943 , Charlie and the coffee tree milling machinery , Matilda , and othersHis way of writing and different approach to children s stories makes him loved by upstart readers . But Dahl s taste for meanness and sauciness to adults , and the idiotic bizarre captivated untried readers . Adult critics were defeated with his favorable of writing . Some of his writings or books atomic number 18 made into a movie such as Matilda and Charlie and the java Factory , and became a big hit in the cinemaCharlie and the Chocolate Facto ryThe novel dealt with one small boy s expect for the crowning(prenominal) prize in fierce competition with other , passing unpleasant children , many of whom come to sticky ends as a result of their greediness . It presented the central theme in Dahl s fiction for early readers : virtue is rewarded vice is punished . In the end the fabulous cocoa mill is given to Charlie , the assortment , impoverished boy (Dowling ,C , 1983In this tier , Dahl made economic consumption of what makes it appealing to children which argon chocolates ! We know that children love chocolates , and with the write up he made it more fascinating and appealing to young children by incorporating a vivid imagination which is the chocolate factory . here(predicate) the germ presented what the children would have wished and inadequacyed to experience , which is a chocolate factory . Aside from the setting and plot which are prepossessing to young audience , the author wanted to point off the w ideness of moral values , where estimable c! hildren are beingness rewarded darn the shitty ones are punishedHe wanted to point expose that untroubled children are obedient and polite whereas bad children are the resister . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The way his parents brought him up and his environment would influence a child s behavior . nevertheless , bad children must be transferd with whatever means are needed horizontal the requisite means take the form of wild and sometimes uncultivated punishments A moral necessary within this story is that punishments are needed in to create good prohibited of bad . But the author would like to convey in his story , that the proper punishment is the only thing that post change a bad child into a good oneDahl regularly utilizes strange language and ideas . Some of these absurd ideas in his story are hair-growing candy for children , square candies that look round , and parve pillows . However his use of absurdities entertains young readers and pushes their intellectual capacitiesMatildaMatilda is an exceptionally voguish young girl with an insatiable appetite for books and reading . Her parents , Mr . and Mrs . Wormwood recollect she s in force(p) a nuisance . Matilda thinks , rightly , that all they are implicated in is watching TV and making bullion by cheating people . She decides to punish them . She soon discovers that she has weird powers...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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