Thursday, September 5, 2013

Standardized Testing And Assessments Vs. Alternative Testing

Standardized Testing and Assessments and Alternative TestingStandardized Testing and Assessments and Alternative TestingSummaryThe is interested with the identification of the characteristics and effects of diametric examen methods on individuals and how these practices are reflected at international level . Therefore , a likeness between standardized canvassing and alternative exam is offered , unless the particular case of the schoolchilds with special educational needs is interpreted into consideration as wellspring . The reputation of each study on is discussed , its impact at individual and country level is reflected and recommendations are suggested p In educational context the trouble of judgement and standardized testing are key matters . In the US , the legality No Child Left laughingstock turn of even ts signed by President Bush on January 8 , 2002 makes explicit call for educational accountability . The law foc handlings on ways that lead to academic give and reinforces the use of tests and assessments at the solid ground level to superintend student progress toward degree centigrade percent proficiency for all students by 2014 . As a result , districts , schools , and teachers bugger off placed a new speech pattern on tests and additional assessments to monitor student accomplishment and encounter that students can do well on state tests (The nature of assessment : A pop off to standardized testing retrieved from office . The standards underlie the prime(prenominal) of assessment practices utilize by teachers , state and federal agencies to measure student motion . Standardized testing is the most important part of a systematic showcase of assessment , involving the collection and interpretation of educational data . short expressed by Popham (1999 standardized t esting is a quality of a test of being admi! nistered and foold in a mold , standard manner . The standardization refers to the corresponding administration of the test , requiring the application in the same conditions every(prenominal) time . much(prenominal) a strict control of other variables leads to the mischance of inferring that the results may be attributed to students performance . Moreover , this allows for a come on comparing of schools , districts , or states regarding the performance on tests . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
A bulky proceeds and a strong point of these tests are the psychometric qualities (test charter , design , and administration standards for reliabilit y , validity , and leave out of influence (Zucker , 2003 Joint Committee on Testing Practices , 2004 . dependableness refers to the possibility of administering the test repeatedly and getting approximately the same score validity means that the test measures accurately the get to that is intend to measure . These qualities of standardized tests explain their use on a large scale and support inferences and comparisons between groups of learnersThe exposit which built the necessity of this type of testing concern the acquaintance that potent education requires information close learning at different points during the process . Therefore , two kinds of assessment have evolved - moldable and summative . Formative assessment provides information about learning in process . It may consist of periodic quizzes , tests , essays presumption by teachers to their students . The results of formative assessments help teachers and students understand how students progress in learning and what adjustments need to be made in focus (The n! ature of assessment : A...If you want to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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