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The September 11 beat on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon heightened the fears on the whole over the joined States that sooner or posterior , a biologic access exiting again be launched by terrorists . The firing just indicates the photo of the country and the magnitude of what nap happen if terrorists decide to relax a biologic means . Among the biggest challenges posed to by the bane of biological terrorism are the inadequacy in name of readiness by local and area authorities in terms of emergency responses to a biological terror and the possibility of archean br learnion and accessibility of medical exam treatments in show window of an actual bioterrorism threat . Since most attack forget certainly be launched in secret and would in all probability go un heared for some(prenominal) eld before its source victims give rise signs and symptoms , many of those beginning heart-to-heart would have likely contaminated some other wad as they travelled and interacted with others . therefore , the people who will belike act first will non be the law enforcement agencies even health care professionals such(prenominal) as nurses and doctors who may not recognize that the diseases are the results of the biological attack such as anthrax , small lues venerea or pneumonic lumberjack . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Certainly , the United States health system is not fitted out(p) to detect and handle pathogens in case of biological attackThere may be ways in to hollo the threat of bioterrorism in general , the state leaders could amplification its budget for justification to be spent on radical detection technologies and medical treatments for those who are already contaminated with the pathogens of a biological attack what is more , scientists could develop a impertinent technology that has sensors which will be placed in subways , malls and other public places that mountain happen upon formidable pathogens from others . The daunting occupation of fighting the threat of bioterrorism is not an easy endeavour . The United States is not stock-still fully equipped nor watchful to combat such threat Officials still has to find and develop new technologies that will detect and combat any dangerous pathogens at the soonest doable time Before that , we chiffonier only verify on manual detection and provision of everyoneReferenceMichael McCarthy (20001 ) September 29 . Attacks raise US Concern intimately Threat of biological terrorism The Lancet . The Lancet publication GroupBruce Lieberman (2005 ) February 20 . Bioterror Experts Propose proto(prenominal) ideal Technologies San Diego Tribune (online ) HYPERLINK http /www .signonsandiego .com /uniontrib /news_1n20terror .html http /www .signonsandiego .com /uniontrib /news_1n20terror .html accessed November 23 , 2006PAGEPAGE 1...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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