Saturday, April 13, 2013

Physics formulae for beginners

Electrical energy in the home

E = F/q

E = voltaic theater of operations strength

F = force

q = charge

E = kq/r2

E = electric field strength

k = 9.00 x 109

q = charge

r = separation of charges

F = Eq

F = force

E = electric field strength

q = charge

R = V/I

R = impedance

V = potential drop drop

I = current

R = kl/A

R = resistance

k =

P = VI (P = V2/R or P = I2R)

P = Power

V = electric potential rise

I = Current

R = resistance

W = VIt

W = Energy

V = Voltage rise

I = current

t = time

Moving about

vav = Δr/ Δt

vav = average velocity

Δr = displacement (change in position)

Δt = time

aav = Δv/ Δt

Δv = the change in velocity

Δt = time interval

When t = 0, the velocity is u

Thus: aav = v-u/t

Where v is the velocity at time t.

v - u = at

v = u + at

F = ma

W - air resistance = ma

When deadening objects fall through small distances near the surface of the hide it is usually quite reasonable to assume that the air resistance is negligible. Thus:

W = ma

mg = ma (where g is the gravitational field strength)

g = a

W = weight

m = mass

F = mv2/r

F = inward-developing force (the net force on an object change of location in a circular path at invariant speed. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

It is directed towards the centre of the circle)

m = mass

v = constant speed

r = radius

Ek = 1/2mv2

Ek = kinetic energy

m = mass

v = speed

W = Fs

W = work

F = magnitude of force

s = displacement in the direction of the force

p = mv

p = momentum

m = mass of object

v = velocity

I = Ft

I = impulse

F = force

t = time

V = W/Q

V = potential difference in volts

W = work done by field in joules

Q = charge being pushed in coulombs

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