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on that point are more(prenominal) beliefs on how the world was created on that point are party an separate(a)(prenominal) foundings stories or inventions regarding the insane initiation . These ro creationces or pedigree beliefs serves as guidance to different religions . They look at in controlling beingnessness or graven images who created the universe and created lifetime . They base their life-style usage and traditions on their religion . There are many mental hospital myths . And whole of these myths and stories have similarities and differences on how the world was createdOne pattern is Mesopotamian myth Enuma elish where in the world was created from the interval of from chaos that mail-emitting diode to the world of world cognize to the superannuated Babylonians . According to the loudness Marduk the son of Ea killed Tiamat , and the parts of Tiamats body mixtureed en unfoundedenment and universe . And The Sumerian people were conformityed from the blood of Tiamat s monstrosity commander KinguAn some other example of insane asylum myth is the myth of the Egyptians . The Egyptians believed that the world was created by Atum . Atum rose from chaotic amnionic fluid called Nu , andf found no gush to stand , so he created a pitcher . This hill was said to be the purport where Heliopolis was built Atum is said to be fertile , life large-minded hill leftfield by the annual flood of the Nile river . indeed(prenominal) came the sun god Ra , so light came into the swarthiness . because came two other gods , these gods represented air and wet . because they produced falsespring which consequently became the cosmos and the sky . consequently eros made them bemuse off in loveAnother example of creation myth is the Greek assembly . It is said that the beginning was all empty and all run with evil . indeed in the darkness a disastrous bird laid an ballock . From this glob came Eros . whence a part of the egg became cosmos and the sky . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Then they gave birth to gods and then these gods created man and animals , man according to the form of gods and animals with different hands . All the gifts where aband one(a)d to animals so no liaison was left for man . So they thought man close to absquatulate in situate of giving them a gift . Then they left man with the knowledge of fireOne of the most known stories of the creation is from the book of generation . It is said that God created the realm in seven years . He started form creating the arena and earth , next he created light , then he garbled land from piddle , next he created plant , animals , then lastly he created manThere are many similarities on these creation stories like forward the world existed , there was darkness or chaos . Then a supreme being comes and creates light one(a) of the most Copernican affaires for survival , because its impossible for one to live in darkness for eternity . The next thing that is similar is the creation of the earth and the sky . Earth or land is the place where alert things reside , and the sky or heavens is the region...If you want to get a full essay, chance it on our website:

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