Sunday, April 14, 2013

2004 presidential debate 1. who won and why

        The 90 minute debate, Thursday night, focused almost only when on the War in Iraq, what Bushs justifications were, and what Kerry felt he could do better.         

        George Bush felt rather arrogant about the feature that he knows how to lead and that Americans know where he stands and know what he believes and that he is very proud that 10 million Iraqis ar now registered to vote. He also adds when Iraq is free America go away be more secure, and that Iraqis, like Americans, deserve freedom. Bush continually confirmatively criticized Kerry by repeatedly stating that he wont continually convert his mind and also added he feels Kerry should be ashamed of his 20 year senate record, yet Bush did commend Kerry on his Yale school and his time in Vietnam.

        Kerry, on the contrary, feels Iraq is nowhere near the amount of property of terrorism (which Bush does) and it is better to put money in homeland security not overseas. He requirements to better treasure Americas seaports, airports and chemical plants; But we also book to be sharp ... and smart means not diverting our attention from the warfare on terror and taking it off to Iraq, Kerry stated. He added ternary times that he has a clear plan on how to not only fight the war in Iraq, alone win it while bringing our troops home at bottom four years. John Kerry also feels that Bush grossly overspent money overseas in the War in Iraq: money which could have been used for construction, healthcare, or education. In response to Bushs many indirect slams on Kerry, toward the end of the debate, Kerry said, I made a misinterpretation in the way I talked about the war. The president was rail at in invading Iraq. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Which is worse?

        Each of the Candidates had their...

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